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Early Learning




Useful game items to teach skills.


GAME Skill Learned #1 Skill Learned #2
Cranium Caribou Treasure hunt game Manding for information
Language Builder Picture cards Used for Feature Function Class, Receptive
and expressive language, and sorting
Barnyard Bingo (Fisher Price) Used for turn taking and animal sounds
Oreo Matchin? middles game
(Fisher Price)
Shape matching Fine motor
Barnyard Bingo (Fisher Price) Color matching, turn taking Picture matching
The Little Ladybug (Playskool) Color matching Picture matching
Mr. Potato Head says (Milton Bradley) Receptive commands Body parts
Chip-o (Trend) Sight words Picture to word matching
Lucky Ducks (Milton Bradley) Color matching  
Hi-Ho Cherry-o (Milton Bradley) Counting  
Memory (Milton Bradley) Picture matching  
Candyland (Milton Bradley) Picture matching Color matching
Alpha Go Round (Fisher Price) Sight word matching Letter matching
Boggle, Jr. (Milton Bradley) Spelling Letter matching
Guess Who? (Milton Bradley) Same/Different Negations
Octopus Dominoes (Fisher Price) Color matching Counting
Turtle Picnic (Fisher Price) Color matching  
Flip-flop freeze pop (Fisher Price) Coloring matching Memory
I'm a little tea pot (Fisher Price) Shape matching Color and shape matching (adv)
Don't wake daddy (Parker Brothers) Color matching Counting
How to get to Sesame Street (Mattel) Colors Letters
My first Oscar Charades (Mattel) Pretend play  
Elmo's Circus game (Fisher Price) Counting  
Best number game ever (Ravensburger) Number and amount matching  
Alphapets Game (University games) Letter sequencing  
Spot's Opposites (Ravensburger) Opposites Memory
Farm Set Animal sounds Receptive & expressive labels
Sesame Street Cookie Crunch game (Mattel) Counting  
Read and Write Desk (Leap Frog) Letters, phonics, words, writing, reading  
File Folder games Variety of skills  
Operation (Milton Bradley) Body parts  
Cottie (Milton Bradley) Body parts  
A B Seas Alphabet Fishing Game (Discovery toys) Letters Pre-reading
Bullfrog Bullseye (Playskool) Just fun!  
Chicken Limbo (Milton Bradley) Just fun!  
Farm Families (Milton Bradley) Animals sounds ?Turn taking
Rollover Rover (Fisher Price) Colors ?Turn taking
Math Lingo (Educational Games) Addition, subtraction  
Timing it right board game (Learning Resources) Time Daily activities
Alpha bug soap word game (Learning Resources) Letters Sounds
Bed Bugs (Milton Bradley) Colors  
Kids on Stage (University games) Pretend Reading
Letter detective game (Ravensburger) Letters Spelling
Go fish (Fisher Price) Colors  
Pooh hide N seek (Parker Brothers) Matching Matching
Things in my house (Ravensburger) Locations Functions
Scrambled Eggs    
Sgetti Scatter    
Turtle Recall Turn taking  
Shiverin' Scoops    
Don't Break the Ice    
Secret Square (Univeristy Games) Asking questions, categories, and memory  
Tic-Tac-Tony Turn taking  
Hungry Hippos Turn taking  
Itsy Bitsy Spider Game from Discovery Toys Turn taking  
Puppy Racers Turn taking