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Parents Camp Out to Enroll in Direct Instruction Charter School

Although camping out to enroll your child in a charter school can be avoided with lotteries, these parents tented for one day outside in cold.

Why? Because the school is opening up as a Direct Instruction (DI) curriculum charter school. Apparently the only other DI school in the district received "National Blue Ribbon School" status.

Free FUNNIX Beginning Math Software Download in June

JUNE 1 – JUNE 26

Funnix Beginning Math is a 100-lesson computer program designed for children who have not learned beginning math operations.

Funnix Beginning Math will be available as a free download from June 1 through June 24. All components of Funnix Beginning Math are included in the download—100 animated computer-based lessons, workbook material, a teaching guide, and a placement test for assessing the child.

SRA Corrective Reading Decoding A

I purchased a used SRA Corrective Reading Decoding A kit many years ago. Being a Direct Instruction curriculum junkie, I thought this was a wise investment. Thing is - I didn't understand how SRA labeled its curriculum kits - what is the difference between Decoding A and Comprehension A? Why is there a B1 and B2 kit? What is Decoding A anyways?