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NPR Article on Project Follow Through

An brief overview of Project Follow Through by John McWhorter on NPR. See

Help Develop Free Direct Instruction Curriculum

NEEDED: Copyright Attorney interested in probono work, Direct Instruction, or effective curriculum

Wikibooks are free books developed by a group of people or even a single person. There aren't many out there but what is interesting is what COULD be out there. As a homeschool parent, teacher, school, or district, one of the bigger costs is textbook adoption. This includes picking a curriculum, textbook company, and teaching methodology/pedagogy.

Parents Camp Out to Enroll in Direct Instruction Charter School

Although camping out to enroll your child in a charter school can be avoided with lotteries, these parents tented for one day outside in cold.

Why? Because the school is opening up as a Direct Instruction (DI) curriculum charter school. Apparently the only other DI school in the district received "National Blue Ribbon School" status.