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Beginning Reading and Math Software Giveaway for Thru Dec 15th

Funnix Beginning Reading and Funnix 2 is 220 complete lessons taking children from beginning non-readers to reading at a beginning third grade level.The Funnix reading program can be used with kids 4 or 5 years old through second graders who are having trouble. It can be used by teachers with small groups of kids, or by a parent or tutor. The program is designed so that someone who can read is with the child as the child goes through the program.

New Education Standards Proving to Be Hard to Implement

The Oregonian article, "Teachers in Oregon, elsewhere feel unready for new, higher standards," covers the issue of the new Common Core State Standards set for what to teach in reading, writing, and math. It brings up many points but doesn't really cover some basic issues and facts.

1. Changing Oregon education is sloooow.

New York Post: Save kids from ‘fuzzy’ math

"What many of these new programs do is help students master the foundations of math. No matter what, says Stern, students need a certain “automaticity” or what Lawrence calls “computational fluency.” Critics (generally the ones who like fuzzy math) denounce this as “drill and kill”; in fact, it’s memorization with a view to getting kids ready to tackle more advanced problems.