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Direct Instruction Reading Textbooks

Understanding U.S. History is a two part textbook series that teaches students a general strategy for analyzing historical events, processes, and periods by analyzing the problem-solution-effect. The strategy is then applied to U.S. history using original materials. The program contains concept maps and interspersed questions (to foster higher-order thinking) and a variety of writing projects. The texts are written by Carnine, Crawford, Harniss & Hollenbeck in 1994.

The texts include:
Understanding U.S. History, Volume 1 - Through 1914 (formerly through the Civil War)
Understanding U.S. History, Volume 2 - Reconstruction to World Leadership

The titles may seem confusing because there is some overlap between the two books. Volume 1 has chapters 15-21, which are repeated in Volume 2.

The texts are now published by University of Oregon. Available from the University of Oregon Bookstore Warehouse, Attention Mail Order Department, 462 East 8th, Eugene, OR, 97401, Phone: 541-345-8805 or 1-800-352-1733. Contact Chris Davis at 800.352-1733 to make orders. Volume 1 costs $30 per text and Volume 2 costs $25 per text.

Aramita Coleman has written a paper on the texts:

Coleman, Araminta (1998) How Well Understanding U.S. History Addresses The California State History-Social Science Standards-Grade 8