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Learning by Inference vs. direct instruction

The blog above brings a good point to the research behind teaching by inference vs teaching by direct instruction. Direct Instruction does not equate to direct instruction nor does one equate to the other in reverse.

During the inference trial, Brinster showed the youngsters both familiar and strange objects (for instance, a ball and a plumber’s “T” connector). After saying a nonsense word (”blicket,” for instance), she would ask them to either point to or grab hold of the “matching” item. Since a ball is a “ball,” the children might conclude that the unfamiliar object ? the “T” ? was the “blicket”.

In the direct instruction trial, the child was simply shown an unfamiliar item and heard the nonsense word.

You see, in Direct Instruction, you would go one step further. You teach what an object is and what an object is NOT. So, technically, the research did not use Direct Instruction, maybe crappy direct instruction.