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Rules for Designing and Choosing Educational Tablet Apps

  1. Have separate practice and timed (test) sessions
  2. Teach only 2 to 4 new items/skills at one time. "Slice back" so that student is successful before adding more items to master.
  3. Items/skills set are cumulative
  4. Teach new items/skills only after previous items are mastered to 100% accuracy (or close to)
  5. Ensure item/skill set is mastered to 100% accuracy within 1 to 3 tries. Do this by breaking down skills/items to simple form, adjusting timings, adjust number of new items/skills, and ensuring each wrong answer is reinserted into practice 2-3 extra times
  6. Individual login for settings and tracking progress and scores
  7. Have an admin login to create users and set individual settings
  8. Each student has a setting for number of items/skills to teach for mastery until new set of items/skills are presented
  9. Each student has a setting for practice and timing time settings (15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min)
  10. Each student has a setting for accuracy requirements (# needed correct/# max wrong)
  11. Step through levels
  12. Admin can customize the items/skills to be taught by adding, deleting and moving
  13. Web accessible individual results
  14. Email individual results

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