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Welcome to Teaching Utopia

Welcome teachers, to a place where you can actually teach without worrying about creating your curriculum. It is all there for you. The lesson plan, the worksheets, the extra work for struggling learners, the textbooks, the learning activities, and even the teacher training.

Wow, where do you get all that? With Direct Instruction curriculum. Now you can really focus on dressing up your instruction and ensuring *every* child gets all the concepts. Imagine not worrying about leaving little Johnny behind. Instead, you work on how to praise appropriate answers and hard work. You see, right before your eyes, children applying instruction and gaining mastery. And the most precious of all, the students all feel successful. Can you imagine kids saying, "Math isn't hard." And yet they are doing lesson after lesson with full success.

Yes, that world is available to all teachers, even ones that are not able to purchase the curriculum. How?

  1. Take a text or curriculum and create your own scripted curriculum that includes all the parameters of Direct Instruction (see Zig Engelmann's DI rubric)
  2. Use on-line collaborative groups to create curriculum such as Wikiversity
  3. Adapt well known ideas and principles, sprinkle in some activities, and format it using Zig Engelmann's DI rubric. Viola. Don't forget to share on Wikieducator, Wikibooks, or Wikiversity.

Yep, it is a lot of work to adapt and make your own curriculum but if only a fraction of the teachers took time out to read and understand Zig Engelmann's DI Rubric book and created shared curriculum, it is quite possible.